DI Close is Sweden’s leading management network

We arrange professional network meetings focusing on skills development and training for Swedish leaders, specialists and entrepreneurs.

About Close Our Management Network

Why Di Close?


About DI Close

Di Close is Sweden’s leading management network and was founded in 2001. We arrange professional network meetings focusing on skills development and training for Swedish leaders, specialists and entrepreneurs. We have active participants from more than 14 corporate groups and are active in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Luleå, Skellefteå, Umeå , Växjö and Sundsvall.

Flexibility and good advancement

Flexibility and good advancement are keys to our business, In total, we arrange over 300 events a year with over 2900 networking participants. Our lecturers hold world-class names such as Jan Eliasson, Lottie Knutsson and Alice Bah Kunke. 

We strive to find balance in the interaction between people. We work with competence development of people in managerial positions based on relational networking based on professional roles.

This is included in the Di Close membership

  • 4 main development / executive networking events per year
  • 6 digital inspirational lectures
  • A Blockchain Certification of what you have been attending
  • Access to 2900 executives, their experience and knowledge
  • Special events for deepened relationships at selected destinations
  • Networking lunches
  • Legal advice for member & their organization
  • The possibility to get help from the network for their expertise and advice with a specific case or question
  • Attend a number of networking events in informal environments
  • Opportunity to deepen with the lecturer to discuss the subject of the day


DEVELOP TOGETHER: Personal growth for you – Solutions for your company


  • Stay informed and updated on the latest challenges as an executive within your field.
  • Develop invaluable connections with knowledgable executives in similar position as yourself.
  • Meet and listen to inspiring speakers, leaders and specialists. Discuss the latest developments within your field as it pertains to your own challenges.
  • Be part of a continuous development of competence and leadership. Get access to insight and answers to questions that matter to you and your business.



  • Get support in strategic business decisions from peers with actual corporate experience
  • Keep updated on industry challenges & possibilities in todays fast evolving business-environment.
  •  Use the Di Close Membership as a challenge and/or reward for valuable executives.
  • All Di Close members have the same goals, they motivated to discuss challenges and to find great solutions together.


DI Close Managemant Network

In our management network we arrange unique, competence-building meetings and conversations between participating executives and others in the same position. One of the main reasons why the management network is so appreciated is that we build the entire business on a dialogue between the participants. All groups are based on professions and the groups are as follows:

  • CSR/Sustainability Executives
  • CFOs
  • Communication Director
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • CIOs
  • CxOs
  • Customer Service Director
  • Marketing Managers
  • HR/Personnel Director
  • CEOs
  • Operations Manager
  • President
  • And a mixed group of managers with focus on leadership


Our members come from these companies (a selection)

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