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Managers have a key role in our society. While all of us have the ability to influence ourselves and the people around us, a manager will both directly and indirectly affect coworkers and their environment, which means that we are all benefiting from prosperous and well functioning managers.

We believe that having access to each other’s knowledge and competence makes us stronger. We understand one another, therefore we can help each other to expand our sense of security, knowledge, inspiration and even our circle of contacts.


Together we become: better managers

As a member, you will be one of us. Inspiring lectures and networking colleagues will keep you up to date and well prepared. You will be able to build strong ties to other managers who will understand you, your situation and your work. Together, you will be able to get answers to your questions and find solutions to your challenges. Most members stay attached to the network year after year and the reason to why so many decide to stay differs. Some say that it is because of the strong sense of community, others say that the network is an endless source of knowledge and experience that they feel that they can confide in.


For your company

Your competence development will be secured. You and your company will be kept up to date with everything new and important that occurs within your line of work. In order to keep our members and their coworkers well up to date, we organize numerous lectures in which we bring up current and requested topics. You are, of course, more than welcome to bring your coworkers to our inspiring evening events.


1.400 managers are at your service

We are a total of 30 network groups with approximately 50 members in each group. Meetings and gatherings are held in, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Stockholm.

EngelskaAll groups are based on professions and the groups are as follows:

  • CSR/Sustainability Executives
  • Sales Director
  • CFOs
  • Communication Director
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • CIOs
  • Customer Service Director
  • Marketing Managers
  • HR/Personnel Director
  • CEOs
  • And a mixed group of managers with focus on leadership
Our lecturers

At Close we only work with the best lecturers who are all in some way or another are linked to our members, their line of work and the challenges and opportunities that they are faced with.

Network colleagues thoughts

“A power boost. Relevant topics and themes.” Marketing manager, The Walt Disney Company

“Very inspiring, interesting and rewarding.” HR manager, Hufvudstaden

“This has opened up my eyes to a whole new world. Really good questions.” CEO, Petrolia

“Very interesting and developing both for me as a person as well as a manager.” Customer Service Manager, TFF

“Very good lectures and as usual, great networking opportunities.” Customer Service Manager, City of Gothenburg

“Very interesting topics, and unusually good networking possibilites.” Purchasing Manager, Pågen

“Very rewarding to be able to have transparent and good discussions.” Marketing Manager, Electrolux

“The best things are all the networking possibilities  and to be able to meet other colleagues from other companies.” HR, Danske Bank

“Both the lecturer and the other participants gave me so much energy and inspiration.” Sales Manager, ATG

“Helpful coaching mine and other people’s problems.” CEO, Umeå Energi

“One of the best lectures I’ve been to.” Customer Service Manager, SEB

“Very interesting to have exchanges with industries other than the one I work for myself.” Purchasing Manager, Ica Sweden

“Great group discussions that lead to smart problem-solving solutions.” CEO, Haninge

Your membership
  • 4, training/networking days per year
  • 6­‐8, breakfast gatherings with interesting lectures, you are welcome to bring two colleges
  • Evening lectures for you and four of your colleague’s.
  • Access to the experience and knowledge of over 1400 managers.
  • Legal advice for you and our organization.
  • Professional coaching in challenging situations.
  • The ability to get help from the network in challenging situations.
  • Special Events with networking possibilities in relaxing environments.

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about Chefsnätverket Close.


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